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The eclectic combination of classical guitar and violin is indulgent, which Camilo and Amalia realized since they first played together. Originally from Colombia, Camilo and Amalia met in Salinas while sharing their other passion: teaching children at the Youth Orchestra Salinas. Camilo is an award winning classical guitarist; Amalia comes from a long musical tradition in Colombia, and has been a successful performer, singer, and soloist.

Their participation in different music projects from classical, Cuban, rock, to samba and others has influenced their style. Their choice of repertoire walks through the richness of classical and world music, with the unique flavor and passion of their Latin origins. Upon listening to this accomplished duo, world-famous former Julliard violin professor Rochelle Walton decided to include them as a closing act for a recital of her most accomplished students. Their musicality, accuracy, and expression will leave the audience craving more.

Camilo lives in Monterey with his wife, and Amalia lives in Salinas with her husband.